Classes Overview

 Discover a pleasant and respectful classroom environment with small class sizes. This is      needed to learn such important skills as staying alive on the road. Add dedicated and  experienced professional instructors and you know you are in good hands. Remember, for  in-car lessons we will pick you up and drop you off anywhere in

Calgary! Newcomers to  Alberta welcomed.

BASIC: GDL Package

(Insurance Reduiction Course + 1 hour test preparation bonus)

One of the best deals in Calgary. Small welcoming classrooms and dedicated instructors set us apart from the rest.

ADVANCED: Insurance Reduction Course

(Insurance Reduiction Course + 1 hour test preparation bonus)

Again one of te best deals in town if you want to reduce your insurance costs. Our professional instructors will give you the tools to drive like a pro.

Brush-up Lessons

A special class meant to help drivers with any aspect of driving. Just tell us what you want to work on and we will help you master the skills. We are here for you.

Preparation for Advanced and Basic Road Tests

Nervous before the big test? We take some of that stress away by helping you with the situations that make you uncomfortable. When your test comes, you will take the wheel with confidence.