Basic Course

One of Calgary's most trusted and friendly driver education course. The Basic Driving Course help you get your Class 5 Graduated Driver's License and consists of 15 hours of classroom training and 10 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

This is the standard program approved by the government of Alberta. Upon successfully completing the program, the student receives a certificate recongnized by insurance companies for a discount! Each in-car traning session lasts two hours.

Advanced Course

Get superior one-on-one training on the road with a friendly qualified and experienced instructor. Learn tight access manoeuvers, emergency procedures, correction and avoidance techniques and skid recovery.

Most of our advances classes last 2 hours. Winter driving and collision avoidance classes last 4 hours. Extra time is always negotiable. Don't forget, we will pick you up and drop you off anywhere in Calgary.

We are specialized in:

  • Winter Driving (4 hours)
  • Collision Avoidance (4hours)
  • Defensive Driving (2 hours)
  • Highway Driving (2 hours)
  • Parking Procedures (2 hours)


Brush-up Lessons

Maybe it's the shoulder check? Do you need to refine your parallel parking skills? Or maybe you just moved to Alberta and you need some pointers. In any case, our friendly professional instructors are here to help you become a better driver.

We can help you with all your parking skills:

  • Parallel Parking
  • Up and Down Hill Parking
  • Perpendicular Parking
  • Angle Parking

Here are some of the other skills we can help you with:

  • Merging
  • Overtaking
  • Shoulder Checks
  • Mirrors
  • Reversing

Road Test Preparation

We make sure you have a good grasp of the skills you will need to pass your road test. A couple of hours with our friendly and skilled instructor is all it takes to make you as confident and comfortable as possible behind the wheel.


  • Road Test Car Rental